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Mental Health Services

1:1 Mental Health Counselling

Our platform will connect you with a therapist who will help you improve your student wellbeing.

Online Sessions

Connect with our practitioners through the comfort of your own home. We provide you with easy access to see your therapist through your mobile phone or laptop.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?
These are all situations where you can benefit from speaking with a professional to work through your experiences and improve your wellbeing
Being worried about exams and spending your time distracting yourself instead of studying
Comparing yourself to others, possibly feeling inadequate
Struggling to develop friendships or be in relationships, possibly feeling lonely, unwanted, or that something is wrong with you
Feeling pressure from your family to meet their expectations, possibly feeling like you can't live up to their standards or pursue your own dreams
Getting easily irritated at family, friends, or romantic partners
Or being upset one of these relationships is strained or ended
Using drugs or alcohol to try to numb yourself or to escape reality
Feeling sad, hopeless, or worthless randomly for what may seem like no reason at all
Sometimes struggling with your mental health may lead to you skipping class, not sleeping properly, engaging in unhealthy substance use, being irritable, eating unhealthy, feeling low energy, and many other unwelcomed feelings or situations. Speaking to a professional can help you get to the root of these problems and work with you to live a better life
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What To Expect

If you’ve never spoken to a professional about your life, you likely don’t know what to expect. It’s like your first day of university, where you’re feeling a little hesitant due to the number of unkowns, but you quickly become comfortable. We’re going to try to ease your mind here by showing you the full process of what to expect if you decide to proceed with making an account and scheduling an appointment with one of our practitioners. The information is all here, so you won’t have to take any notes. 

Individual sitting at a desk looking at a laptop displaying the My Student Wellbeing Logo

Read About Our Therapists & Check Your Insurance

If you click “Book A Session” in our menu, you’ll be able to search for our therapists to see who we have as options before you register. You’ll be able to look through the therapists in our network to find one you like the best. Therapist profiles may include their areas of focus, their price per session, their availability, a photo or video, a bio, or a combination of information.

Once you’re ready to move forward, if you’re unsure if you have insurance coverage, you can Complete our Insurance Inquiry Form here and we’ll help you understand any insurance you may have. 

Once we know your insurance coverage or you’re going to pay out of pocket, click “Register” in our menu so we can make your account in our system. You’ll get an email once it’s created and then you can book an appointment!

Booking an Appointment

You’ll be able to select an appointment time for your first session by using our online, self serve booking system.  Some of our practitioners may offer a free phone consult to ensure you two would be a good fit.

For later appointments you and your therapist can find times which work best for you both. Appointments are typically 50 minutes long, which we believe is well worth the time to speak with a professional to help you navigate life. 

We will give you the option of receiving a reminder email to make sure you attend your appointment. Being a student can be busy. Record the meeting in your phone or agenda when you schedule it, but we can send you a reminder just in case! 

Showing a booking calendar with appointment types on the left (free consultation or full session) and booking times on the right.
Sign up form asking you to fill out Name, Phone number, email address, and if you want to sign up for marketing emails

Your Account and Paperwork

Once you book your first paid appointment, you’ll have access to some online paperwork through your account which you can conveniently complete online. 

Attending Your Appointment

You’ll receive a link to the appointment in your email. All you have to do is click the link and our platform will open in your browser. No downloads required (unless you’re on an iPhone or iPad, as the software we use requires you to download an app)

Once you’re in the meeting, your assigned therapist will start to get to know you.  Your therapist will work with you on what you want to talk about, what’s troubling you, and what your goals are. Your wellbeing is our top priority!

Deciding Your Next Step

Congrats! You had your first appointment! Pretty straightforward, eh? At this point you would need to decide how you want to proceed. 

Like the idea of speaking to a professional about your life, but felt like you didn’t click with the therapist? Let us know and we can try with someone else. We want you to be comfortable with this process and who you’re talking to, so let’s find you the right fit. You won’t offend anyone if you want to try speaking with someone else. We understand sometimes you just don’t jive with someone. 

If you did get along with the therapist, then great! You and your therapist can schedule your next appointment at a time which works for you both, or you can schedule your next appointment easily through our system.

Keep Going!

If you decided to make future appointments, keep attending them. We’re here to work with you to improve your wellbeing. You and your therapist can discuss how often and for how long you want to attend appointments. 

If you decided mental health counselling isn’t for you at this time, we wish you well! We’ll be here if you ever want someone to talk to. 

Wondering about the cost?

You may be covered to access services by your student insurance plan!

Wondering about the cost?

You may be covered to access services by your student insurance plan!