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Tyler, BSW, MBA

Founder of My Student Wellbeing

Hey there!

I’m super excited that you’ve come across my Student Wellbeing. Having spent almost a combined decade in university (studying Sociology, Social Work, and Business Administration), I’ve experienced my share of struggles when it comes to academics, friendships, relationships, finances, and physical health. There is so much that I wish I knew going into university, but either I didn’t have someone helping me learn about certain topics or I just wasn’t ready to absorb that information. I started My Student Wellbeing to help support post-secondary students in all the different domains of life which aren’t typically taught in class.

Throughout my years of being a student, I’d hear stories of students waiting to access mental health services, not realizing they could access mental health services, or being hesitant to access mental health services. Utilizing my experience in the social services and my newfound business knowledge, I decided to work towards improving accessibility to mental health services for university students. I’ve launched My Student Wellbeing to immediately make a difference by increasing accessibility to mental health services so students can get the help which can change the course of their lives, but I have a larger vision to support students in so many other ways.

The roadmap for My Student Wellbeing is to get content created related to different domains of life; nutrition, physical fitness, finances, and mental health. One day My Student Wellbeing will be the resource where all students visit to help prepare them for their journey through adulthood and post-secondary education.

If you’re a student, alumni, or even young adult who has never attended post-secondary education and you have feedback on what content could make your life better, or that you wish you knew earlier, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a professional who works in a sector where you could positively contribute content to improve students’ lives, I’d love to hear from you too. Feedback, collaboration, and passion is what is going to make My Student Wellbeing the resource which makes a significant positive impact on students’ lives across Canada. Reach out to and your email will get to me. 

I hope you find our content and services helpful. 


Wishing you well,