Kiran Kalkat, RPN

A bit about me, I am registered as a psychiatric nurse with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba. I have been working as a nurse in acute care psychiatry for the past 5 years. Prior to working there, I spent two years doing mental health crisis work with adults and youth as well as addictions work with youth.

Therapy can be hard work most of the time but, often, it is rewarding. Learning to deal with difficult emotions, building healthy habits, gaining self compassion, practicing communicating effectively, improving communication, and acquiring skills to navigate complex relationships will help a person live a more fulfilling life.

I have experience working with people that live with issues including bur not limited to suicidal ideation, self harm, anxiety, sleep, poor coping, cultural differences, trauma, and PTSD. Managing those while trying to further education can be a lot to handle and support from a professional can aid in making it easier on you.

Kiran will be accepting clients soon (hopefully by the end of March). If you'd like to schedule an appointment with her, please leave your contact information below to join her waitlist and we'll notify you as soon as she starts acceping clients.