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Wellbeing and Mental Health Content Writer

Hey there!

Do you have a passion for mental health and wellbeing? Want to be involved with an organization which is focused on supporting post-secondary students in Canada through connecting them with mental health professionals and providing wellbeing related content?

My Student Wellbeing is hiring a Mental Health Content Writer. The focus is writing content related to accessing mental health services, providing information related to one’s wellbeing, and posting that content on the website/social media accounts.

This is a fully remote job and hours are flexible. You’d provide the work each week and you would be paid upon completion of the work. This would be a great opportunity for someone looking to supplement their income. To note, this would be a freelancer/independent contractor arrangement and you would be paid a flat rate each week. This would also be a ghostwriting position.

Content deliverables would involve:

  • Three 100-200ish word Instagram captions regarding a wellbeing/mental health topic per week.
  • One 500ish word blog post per week. The topics would be based around wellbeing tips or accessing mental health counselling.


  • Education related to Psychology, Social Work, or Counselling (or if you’re just really good at writing about these topics)
  • Strong writing capabilities
  • Independence to write content on your own without any plagiarism

We’re looking for a passionate individual who will appreciate writing and making a real impact in the lives of post-secondary students in Canada.

In your application please outline your qualifications and indicate what you would charge each week for the aforementioned deliverables. Bonus marks will be given if you can include a sample 100-200 word Instagram post to showcase your writing style. If you decide to provide a sample, please try to create it as either writing that would inform someone on a strategy which can help them in a situation or educating them on a topic relevant to the life of a post-secondary student. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please submit applications to