Clinician Directory (Manitoba)

Our Clinician Directory consists of the profiles of therapists for whom you can book a virtual appointment with. All of the therapists working with My Student Wellbeing are members of regulatory bodies, so you can feel confident they will practice ethically, protect your privacy, and have the qualifications to be members of those organizations.  

You can click on a therapist’s photo to read their detailed bio. Our therapists may have sessions available which you can self book, but if they don’t have any sessions available you can contact us at and we can connect with the therapist to see if your schedules align. If a therapist is indicating “Accepting Clients Soon” you can send us an email and we can put you on their waitlist. 

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Declan Amadi (he/him), MSW, RSW

My name is Declan Amadi; I am a committed and empathic mental health therapist with several years of experience in mental health care, advocacy, and clinical service delivery. I am experienced and vast in supporting clients to navigate through a variety of psychological, social, physical and environmental challenges.

Rebecca Wood (she/her), BSW, RSW

I place heavy emphasises on identifying and building on ones existing strengths, including recognizing that seeking support for mental health comes from a place of strength, rather than weakness. Using a person-centered approach, I offer a space that is inclusive, affirming and non-judgmental.

Megan Ferguson (she/her) MSW, RSW

I have spent a number of years attending university and understand that there can be some ups and downs that may occur. I am skilled and experienced in a variety of areas including helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, addiction and a range of other issues. I am a supportive and collaborative helper for those seeking assistance or solutions to life challenges.

Hailey Zayik (she/her) MSW, RSW

Reaching out for support can be a challenging process, and I commend you for reaching out! Would you like to feel more comfortable with yourself? Need assistance navigating the complexities of being a student? Walking alongside my clients, I stive to provide them with a safe and affirming space to be vulnerable, receive the necessary tools to overcome adversity, manage difficult life emotions and improve overall wellbeing!

Charlie Dilk (he/they), BSW RSW

Accepting clients soon
I emphasize the important of building a safe and stable relationships based on strengths. I work with you to provide the support you require and are needing. You are in charge of how this relationship goes since you are in the driver's seat. Using a person-centered approach, I offer a space that is inclusive, affirming and non-judgmental.

Kaitlin Born (she/her), MSW, RSW

Not accepting new clients at this time. Having spent a number of years attending university, Kaitlin understands first-hand the struggles that can come along with juggling both life and school. She is looking forward to working with students and helping them learn new tools to help them cope as well as getting to know themselves better.

More Therapists Coming Soon

Couldn't find a therapist that feels right for you? We'll be having more therapists soon. Join the waitlist and we'll notify you when a new therapist is onboarded.

Caleb Hans, MSW, RSW

Not accepting new clients at this time: Post-secondary education is a great investment and is a time of personal growth, however, it is normal to experience ups and downs. During my 3 years of working at a university, I had the privilege of helping hundreds of students that had struggled with issues such as anxiety, depression, break-ups, academic probation, and various traumas.