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About My Student Wellbeing

Student Focused

Our therapists in Canada are focused on helping improve the wellbeing of post-secondary students studying in Canada.

Our Vision

A world where students feel confident managing the many facets of life and are able to enjoy the experiences associated with being a post-secondary student.

Our Mission

My Student Wellbeing strives to be a valuable resource for post-secondary students by connecting them with professional therapists and providing information to improve student wellbeing.

Canadian Founded

My Student Wellbeing was founded by a student, studying in Winnipeg, after seeing a need for more accessible mental health services (click the maple leaf to read more)!

If you're going to be talking to someone about your personal life you should feel comfortable with the organization and people you're dealing with.

Please reach out to us at any point with questions you may have about the process of using our platform or the practitioners we work with. Spend some time reading through this website to understand us better and to help you decide if you would like to schedule an appointment with a therapist. 

You’re trusting us with your personal life and we take your privacy seriously. Here’s the run down on who has access to your information, to what extent they have access, and why they have access. Any person who has access to any amount of your information is only allowed to view your information for the purpose of providing you with services or handling your case. 

Our Therapists

Your assigned therapist will have access to all your information, which includes, but is not limited to, your name, address, and file notes. When you make an account through My Student Wellbeing, only the therapist who has been assigned to you will be able to access your information.

Our therapists are required both by law and by their professional governing body to keep your information private. All of our therapists are required to maintain active standing in their governing body and to abide by privacy standards.

Practice Management Software

We provide our therapists with secure software to provide you with services, which includes storing your data, providing you with encrypted video sessions, handling billing, and many other processes to provide you with service.

The provider we use specializes in Canadian mental health services and is designed to provide organizations, such as My Student Wellbeing, with secure software to operate. Our provider securely stores your information in servers within Canada.

Office Staff

My Student Wellbeing office staff have the ability to go into your file to update your personal information, answer any queries you have, assist your therapist with billing, troubleshooting your account, and for other administrative needs to provide you with service. We may need to work with third party contractors and service providers as well (such as an email provider) who may have access to some of your information.

All office staff are also required by to abide by Canadian privacy legislation and My Student Wellbeing policy to protect your information.

Insurance Provider (If Applicable)

In order to bill insurance companies we may need to provide them with some of your information. Your clinical information, such as case notes, will not be shared with the insurance companies, unless there is a reason to do and you've given your explicit consent. You can speak with your therapist more about how your information is handled with insurance companies.

What your Therapist Collects

Your therapist is the only one who has access to your clinical notes. As the therapists operate as independent clinicians, we believe only they should have access to your session notes. My Student Wellbeing respects the trust and privacy between a client and their therapist. Should you ever want to review your health information your therapist has created, you will need to put in a request with them directly.